This is a motivational short stories and Motivation speech. It tells how a failed person can become a successful person by trying. No matter where you are in the world you cannot be successful unless try. The first rule of success is to try and and change your mind. Man does not give up by trying. Just be confident. Thus a poor person who becomes richest person after his efforts. Because he does not give up. When we start to lose, we should also think about that of what we start to do. This story below also tells how a person got motivated and become successful. In this you know how a hardworking is useful to get success in the life. 
This is a motivational stories and motivational speech


Don’t be afraid of the ups and downs of life Don’t have so much money to study, so sorry the land and studied, did PhD from foreign university. Come back to home, I was thinking that I have read all all this, now I will get the biggest job after my study. Snatching offices for a long time, did not get a job.

Had to do something so open a car service station, my relatives is made fun of me but I cn control myself and my family that everything will be better. Service station bajari deplorable, instead of glasses took plastic support, chilling and strong wind in my city took away plastic every day and I had to buy new plastic everyday. All my cousins felt pretty comfortable with my new job. They used to bring beautiful ka and watch me everyday even though I had other people working with me but I always cleaned and their cars myself. It was cold weather, the chill breeze of city post across the body. I was looking out of the plastic window. Cousins come forward the car and asked to clean. The car was full of dung, grass inside.

God knows, but I thought it was them deliberately dirty so I can clean and they can see and relax. Rushed to my car work, I prohibited them, mean now there’s cousins day just coin to see me cleaning. I got the brother to shift and order them tea. I started watching the car himself, work so hard, I was weeping, but worked and cleaned their dirty car.

Cousins come out holding a cup of tea in hand and said clean it well. If you ask the truth, it was very tough condition, but did not lose my heart. After a few days, I was washing car, the owner of car was very disturbed, I thought maybe the car did not clean well, asked brother What’s up why are you so upset? He said I am a student and I have water test so I am so worried. He was a student of economics and on the other hand I had a PhD in economics. I asked which article paper is this? They said accounting. I said you go to this room is in the front of me I come. I thought them or six months lesson in 15 minutes.


this concludes that if you cannot find a job anywhere you should start working for free in this company. If you are free, you should also put this time in another job and you will get it. Some knowledge will be gained by which you will succeed in moving forward.