This is a motivational short stories and Motivation speech. It tells how a failed person can become a successful person by trying. No matter where you are in the world you cannot be successful unless try. The first rule of success is to try and and change your mind. Man does not give up by trying. Just be confident. Thus a poor person who becomes richest person after his efforts. Because he does not give up. When we start to lose, we should also think about that of what we start to do. This story below also tells how a person got motivated and become successful. In this you know how a hardworking is useful to get success in the life. 
This is a motivational stories and motivational speech


inside Sindh, there is a man who is now a millionaire. His business use of construction. He is a big contractor and works for big companies. His business is also linked to the official and government department. In the beginning his situation his was not like this. He said, I was born in very poor family, I was very fast in studying so when I post matriculation I got a a first position in my class. Finally I entered in the college and passed the exam. After completing my graduation I came to Karachi for searching a good job. Picked up my file in the morning and went two different office to get a job. But lock was not kind to me from morning to evening I could not get a job. I had short of money, I had no money to travel, so Island the money from my relatives but after sometime, when I got no job, they did not give me more money for travel and other expenses. After sometime relative is stopped giving money and the owner of house also kicked out from the house. I picked up my house and luggage and went to another place. On my way, I saw some labours working. aisa how labours are connecting bricks with a sequence. Thought on my mind and I also worked with them.

all the labours looked at him with a surprise but I did not stop. When the evening was of, the contractor was also there. He got me Saw and called come on. He put some money in my hand as compensation. But I refuse to take the money. But the contractor forcefully put the money on my hand. I bought the juice with this money and gave the contractor and the labours as drink. The contractor asked me some question about my life so I told him my whole story.

the contractor gave me a job he said you are looking for a job all the day keep on doing and in the evening you can check my account. I will pay you for it.

I said OK, I was unemployed, what would I do? I was hit all the day looking for a job and came in the night and checked his account. Just a few days I was at work that I saw something wrong in his account. Contractor purchased goods and other items which were more expensive. I said to the contractor I had a deal for you, I will boil all the things at the cheap price but you will give me half of the profit you made. Contractor immediately agreed. I started buying things from the the direct to the factory at a cheap price. And within 6 month I become a big contractor. With the passage of time I now have my own car and I had my own house, now I am working with biggest company as a contractor.


this concludes that if you cannot find a job anywhere you should start working for free in this company. If you are free, you should also put this time in another job and you will get it. Some knowledge will be gained by which you will succeed in moving forward.