This is a motivational short stories and Motivation speech. It tells how a failed person can become a successful person by trying. No matter where you are in the world you cannot be successful unless try. The first rule of success is to try and and change your mind. Man does not give up by trying. Just be confident. Thus a poor person who becomes richest person after his efforts. Because he does not give up. When we start to lose, we should also think about that of what we start to do. This story below also tells how a person got motivated and become successful. In this you know how a hardworking is useful to get success in the life. 
This is a motivational stories and motivational speech.


Nowadays everyone wants to play online games, there are thousands of the people who play the games online everyday. There is no one in the world who doesn’t not now about the pubg game. The most famous and played game in the world is pubg. let us tell you about the history of this game and motivate you how a common man designed this game and Got richer day by day. Player unknowns battleground ( pubg ) is an online multiplayer Battle Royale game. This game developers name is Brendan Greene, he had been living in Brazil for a few years as a photographer, graphic designer and web designer, and played video games such as Delta Force Americans army. He was born in 1976 in the city of of Ireland. He was so poor, he was living very bad life. He loved photography so he decided to go to Brazil. He made money doing photography in Brazil. Where he met a girl and married her. 

motivational stories of pubg making

But unfortunately the marriage did not last long and divorced 2 year later. That is what caused the storm of troubles, but it is also true that when you are in trouble, others open the way to success. According to Brandon green he was forced to live in extreme poverty, he did not have enough money to go back his home. He started seeing money by reducing his expenses, he would stay in his room all the day and save money. He spent his time playing online video games. That’s when he found out about online games. As time went on, he collected a small amount of money and returned home to Ireland. things have not changed in Ireland either and it has been forced to live in poverty. He started living on charitable money. his bank account was completely empty and he could not find a job. the Ireland government paid him little because he was unemployed. 

He was now 40 year old and his life was pointless. There was nothing in his life but failures. he lived in his parents house and his parents were very worried about his son. He had nothing to do, so he started creating free Gaming mode. He loved A Japanese movies Battle Royale, it showed how people trapped on the Island could protect themselves from animal. 


The idea of free gaming mode came up, the game he made became very popular and he started learning for gaming development. At last, he received a call from a company Sony, which they wanted to assign as consultant. After it he went to wallpaper office and said that he I don’t need your money anymore. He worked on h101 game for 2 whole years. He was then approached by an other company blue hole and offered to make a game battle royale, so he went to South Koreia, Player unkonwn actually the name of he used while playing game online. 


He got many awards for the most loved game. The worth of the PUBG game is very increasing its worth day by day. By the end of the year 2018, around 50 million copies of pubg were sold. This made the Company bluehole get a net worth of $4.6 Billion by the year of the 2019. You may shocked now PUBG game revenue crosses $4.8 million a day.


No matter how many ruined people you see in the world, they must have prayed for destruction somewhere. He must have said hang me, put me in jail and i will sleep on the street outside. These all words that came out of his mouth today see their destruction.  In the end, we should think good for ourselves. If we think badly of ourselves, it is not good for you. If we think good, God will listen to you and be good to you. 


It is said that it is not unfortunate that you were born poor. It is unfortunate that you will die poor. In the history every one see there were many motivational stories were found in which a poor man was become rich in with the power of hardworking, learning and practicing. Motivational stories also told that how to work we have to done, and how much to be done. So please keep working to gain success in life.