This is a motivational stoies. It tells how a failed person can become a successful person by trying. No matter where you are in the world you cannot be successful unless try. The first rule of success is to try and motivated. Man does not give up by trying. Just be confident. Thus a poor person who becomes richest person after his efforts. Because he does not give up. When we start to lose, we should also think about that of what we start to do. This story below also tells how a person got motivated and become successful. In this you know how a hardworking is useful to get success in the life. 


This is a story of great, legend and successful swimmer. His name is Mark spitz. he was the first person to win nine gold medals at the olympics. He was also the first swimmer in the world to win seven gold medals. After receiving these gold medals, he set on the stage and started on seeing the questions of the people. Reporter asked the mark, this is your lucky day. He looked at the reporter and invited him to come on stage. Because this phrase stock right in his heart.

Mark sat down with the reporter and told him that he had participated in 1989 Olympics in Mexico. I tried my best to win but I lost by 30 seconds. I decide then and there that I would in the next Olympic and get the most gold medals. You know how.hard I had to work to make up for the loss out 30 seconds. The reporter remained silent. Mark replied that he had been in the water for ten thousands hours for four years in a row to make up for the loss. I never took a vacation during that time. I used to be in the water on Christmas day to. I also celebrated my birthday in the water.
In those four years, my parents died, my brother had an accident, my credit card was empty, my girlfriend left me, I had no house and no car, but I never took vacation.

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practice made him a good man

If you divided 10,000 into 4 years, you will be in the water for 2500 hours a year and eight hours a day. After being in the water for so long, I contracted a disease called acid reflux. I have pain all over my body.

Sport is one of the areas in the world where luck is less and skill is more. Sport psychology is combination of chemistry, physics and mathematics. Luck also helps men to some extent, but when god is with him. But a player can never play with luck.


If you don’t believe, take the example of Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar is called the god of cricket in the world. He is the first player in the world to complete 10,000 for the first time. he is the only and first player in the world of cricket to score 100 centuries. Sachin Tendulkar also holds the record for the fastest run scored.
When Australian bowler Brad hogg bowled Sachin Tendulkar in Hyderabad, he picked up the ball and went to Sachin Tendulkar and said, “I have bowled the god of cricket today. Please sign me on this ball.”
Sachin Tendulkar grabbed the ball and wrote on it that such an opportunity would never come again. history has it that Brad hogg faced Sachin Tendulkar 21 time but he never got with for Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar was shorter than all the players. He was called The Little Master. A rude his mettle in the world of cricket in such a way that he started being called the king of cricket.

After all, what kind of secret did he have that made him reach this place? he told everyone in his own Toung how his hard work paid off and he became known in the world as god of cricket.

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you can gain success with practice

He said that he entered the world of cricket at the age of 16 in 1998. He retired in 2013 after playing 200 test cricket matches. “Every year of my career, and in those 24 year, there’s never been a time that I have not reached ground at 6 o’clock, “he said. And faced 500 balls. Ki Aisa the mobile phone and mirror later played the first 500 balls. The interviewer asked if you had taken a vacation and he said that I was still on the ground after my wedding day and honeymoon. I have played 4.4 million balls in my life apart from matches. and that’s where I am called the god of cricket today.
so Sachin Tendulkar added that we won the world cup in 2011 and after winning the world cup I was on the ground that next morning. After playing 500 balls, I turned on my mobile phone and received a congratulatory call from the prime Minister.

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See how much discipline and reduction takes a person towards success. The prayers of the parents is necessary win the life.
It has not been here that unless you complete 10000 hours in any work, you will not be able to succeed in the work. Otherwise, keep dreaming and be happy.

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